Advantages Of Hiring An Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor

Advantages Of Hiring An Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Roofing ContractorIf you are looking for a qualified roofing contractor that will provide value for the investment, you need to use the services of Owens Corning platinum preferred roofing contractors. Owens Corning is a global leader in the field of industrial and building material. They were responsible for developing the platinum preferred contractor program that goes a long way in ensuring the value of your home and the quality of roofing. For making sure that the quality of their brand is maintained Owens Corning trains various roofers for the roof installation and certifies them as per their level of expertise. If you are using the services of an Owens Corning platinum preferred roofing contractor, you are assured that the contractor is experienced and belongs to the top level of the Owens Corning network. Here are some advantages of working with the Owens Corning platinum preferred roofing contractors.

1. Licenses required for the work from local, state, and federal law are in place

Despite the claims made by several companies, the roofing contractors may not possess the appropriate licenses and insurance needed by law. If you are working with an unlicensed contractor there is the risk of the roof not being up to the necessary safety level and also not constructed according to the code. It might mean having to pay another contractor to visit and correct the mistakes made by the original one. You need to ensure that the roofing contractor holds all the current and appropriate licenses. If you are using an Owens Corning platinum preferred roofing contractor you can rest assured because all this is taken care of and he will do the job right the first time.

2. Availability of general liability insurance of the value $1 million minimum

While selecting the roofing contractor one of the top items on your checklist needs to be liability insurance. If there is an accident during roof installation or repair, the homeowner can be held accountable for the damages unless the roofing contractor is insured and has sufficient cover. You will be able to negate the anxiety and stress if you hire a platinum preferred roofing contractor. These contractors have certified proof of the general liability insurance of a minimum of $1 million value. You can rest assured as there is no need to worry about any mistakes made by the roofing contractor.

3. Screening for good customer service and financial stability

Do not be worried about the financial stability of your contractor if you are working with a preferred roofing contractor. Every contractor that holds this status must be screened and verified for making sure that they are a reliable and stable company. You can also trust that they will stay honest with the original estimate, complete the work on time, and meet your expectations. Apart from this, for a contractor to hold the platinum status the company must have a business rating that is above expectations. After a job is completed surveys are sent to clients from the Owens Corning and the contractor has no input to provide in terms of the client selection for this. If this feedback indicates that there is a dip in the quality, the platinum status of the preferred roofing contractor may get revoked.

4. Contractor should have gone through a stringent workmanship inspection from Owens Corning

The Owens Corning representatives will visit the job sites of the roofing contractor after they have selected the clients randomly to observe the roofing installation. These representatives will ensure that all the requisite installation procedures are followed and the work has been carried out according to the standards outlined in the Owens Corning training program. Only the platinum preferred roofing contractors are scrutinized to this degree and it sets them apart from the rest.

5. Contractor can provide all Owens Corning workman coverage and additional warranties

The platinum level preferred roofing contractors are the only professionals of this kind authorized to provide all the Owens Corning extended warranty options such as the limited warranty offered in the platinum protection. The limited warranty is an alternative that extends the cover for workmanship from zero to lifetime. It also protects the homeowners from defective installation of any roofing system. It is available only via Owens Corning roofing platinum or preferred contractors.

There are certain other requirements for the roofing contractor to be Owens Corning certified. He should have undergone a credit check and must be financially solvent. The preferred roofing contractor must be operational for at least three years in the same business name. If you are searching for a reliable roofing contractor in the Clearwater, FL area, you can call Done Rite Roofing. They have more than 20 years of experience in the field and can resolve all the issues you are facing with the roof. Apart from affordable pricing, you will receive several benefits such as extended warranties, financing options and they do not sub-contract their work.

Picture Credit: Owens Corning