Can You Put Solar Panels on a Tile Roof?

solar panelsIf you’ve been keeping up with our blog then you already know that a tile roof is the generally best possible residential roof for homes in the Tampa, FL metro area. You also know that tile roofs can be delicate when it comes to taking direct weight.

And if you’re interested in going green and installing some solar panels then you might be concerned, especially if you have a tile roof now, or if you’ve been giving a new tile roof some serious thought.

Well, we’ve got good news. Solar panel installation teams have quite a few methods for getting the panels on your roof without damaging your roof (though they typically do carry a few spare tiles around just in case they step on them incorrectly). The most common systems include:

  • Standoff mounts
  • Tile hook systems
  • Strip and go installation

You can read an extremly in-depth article about installing solar panels on tile roofs here. This article does go a little bit deep in the weeds because it’s aimed at solar installation professionals. However, it will also show you some of the other issues that can impact your installation, such as the state of your roof underlayment.

As roofing professionals, we do recommend going with solar installation professionals who will use standoff mounts or tile hook systems. A “strip and go” installation involves removing some of your beautifully, highly effective tiles in favor of putting down asphalt under your solar panels. That installation method will weaken the entire system and will have a negative impact on the lifespan of your roof.

If you’re planning on installing a new tile roof then it doesn’t hurt to tell your roofing professionals in advance so that we can keep that need in mind as we make our recommendations. It might not even hurt to get the roofing professional into a meeting with the solar professional so that we can make sure that all of your needs are met.

In the end, the logistics aren’t nearly as important as knowing that there is nothing about having a tile roof that will stop you from enjoying clean solar energy in your home!