Can You Live in Your Home During a Roof Replacement?

work_in_progressMany of our customers grow very concerned when we tell them they’re going to need a roof replacement. Their biggest worry is that they are going to have to run out to purchase a hotel room until the work is done.

We’re happy to report that this is rarely the case.

It usually only takes us a couple of days to complete the roofing job, and we try to start work when we know it’s going to be dry. We can’t be up there when it’s raining. We also add a temporary tarp to your roof whenever we’re not working. We know you don’t want to have to deal with any water damage in your home.

Obviously we don’t have much control over the weather. We’d just ask you to stay flexible until the setback passes. 🙂

Now, there is some noise to deal with. That can be bothersome for some customers, who may choose to seek the quiet of a hotel room until we’re done. However, much of that noise is happening during the day, when you may well be at work.

There’s also going to be some debris to deal with. You might need to park on the street so we can throw old roofing materials into a dumpster in your driveway. It’s also important to be cautious during this time, and to approach your home with care, just as you’d approach any work site.

However, in general this can be a relatively hassle free prospect. We certainly approach your home in a very workmanlike manner, because we know how important it is for you to have your home back as soon as possible.

Do you live in the Tampa metro area? Do you need a roof replacement? If so, give us a call. We’ll be happy to give you a free estimate–and to talk about just how long your specific project is likely to take us.