Common Problems With Commercial Roofing

Let’s face it. The commercial roofing problems are unavoidable. It seems almost inevitable that something or the other is going wrong with the roofing. Leaves may get collected on top of the roof and clog your drains. Or, high winds may pick up or blow off the commercial roofing material. There is also the possibility …

Preparing Your Roof For Hurricane Season In Clearwater


Summer on the East coast of the United States brings more than just warm weather, it also marks the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. The official season is from June 1st to November 30th, but there can be outliers, so good preparation in advance is essential. While we can always hope for the best, …

Get Your Roof Secured Before The Hurricane


Hurricanes are destructive and unfortunately, cannot be stopped when they begin. Whenever the hurricane season comes along, it is best to prepare yourself and your house from getting the brunt of its effects. Roofs are especially vulnerable during this time because even if debris and branching flying around do not impact your roof when a …

Done Rite Roofing Tropical Storm Nestor Statement


Due to extreme storm conditions related to the tropical storm Nestor, Done Rite Roofing Inc will have a 24-hour emergency phone line available for calls related to any storm damages. Call us at 727-771-8747 to report any storm-related damages to your roofing. Wishing safety to all of those affected by the storm.