Done Rite Participates in Roof Deployment 2016

Done Rite Participates in Roof Deployment 2016Here at Done Rite Roofing we are proud to be a part of our local community and try to support it however we can. This year, we’re giving back by participating in Roof Deployment 2016. This program brings roofers together to support our troops.

Each roofer in the program will donate services by installing a new, complete roof for one active duty military service member. Just go right to the site to nominate one if you feel you know someone who would benefit from this kind of help.

The roof will be 100% free for the service member chosen. The program is open to E6 rank active duty military members and below (basically we’re looking for an enlisted soldier). All branches, including the Guard and Reserve, are eligible. Each service member will go through a verification process conducted by Support Our Troops before they can be chosen.

There are also specific requirements for the roof that we’ll be installing. It must be no bigger than 2,500 square feet. Asphalt shingles are the only ones that are allowed. Three brands of Owens-Corning asphalt shingles are acceptable: 3-tab Supreme shingles or one of their two laminate brands. As Owens-Corning preferred contractors, we can only applaud this move—they really do make some of the best roofing materials out there.

Only one roof is available per area. We’ll be taking care of the roof for the Palm Harbor, FL area. This effort is being conducted in partnership with the Support Our Troops charity.

So far, 18 roofers across the country have agreed to participate. Let’s hope more roofers in other areas of the country agree to step up!

Once we choose our soldier we’re going to tear off his old, faulty roof in favor of a brand new one. We’ll take care of the building permit too. This should be a 100% stress-free process for the lucky soldier and his or her family.

We can’t wait to let you know when we’ve finished the project. Many enlisted soldiers do struggle financially. Roofing problems can be really devastating to them. It’s nice to know that we’ll be able to help at least one soldier have a fantastic 2016.