Done Rite Roofing Employee Spotlight: Diego D. | Position: Crew Supervisor

Diego D.

Position: Crew Supervisor.

Specializing In: Tear off and Demolition.

How long many years experience do you have with your current position?: 14 years.

What do you like about your job?: What I love about Tear off-Demolition is that we have the opportunity to rebuild and secure the roof systems to cod so they are hurricane ready!(I am always telling the homeowners that) If we get hit by a hurricane our roofs will not go anywhere and that makes me proud and happy!

How long have you been at Done Rite Roofing?:  Since 2004.

What are your hobbies  or interests?: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends the most. Some hobbies of mine would be, video games, traveling, fighting-boxing, being social, and swimming. I would like to be a pastor one day as I enjoy preaching. I have always enjoyed helping others and being generous to those in need truly make me happy.

What do you like about working for Done Rite Roofing?: Since 2004 when I got married, Jason and Christina hired me and that is when everything in my live changed for the better. Not only was it a job but it helped me grow up. They have been such amazing support through all of the hills and valleys, through the good and the bad times. I am not kissing ***, but I would do anything for them. I love my job and there is nothing better for me than working for Done Rite Roofing.