Done Rite Roofing Employee Spotlight: Jamie F. | Position: Head Carpenter

Jamie F.

blankPosition: Head Carpenter.
Specializing In: I specialize in fascia work soffit work , siding, gutters , aluminum coverage, sheathing on the roof as well.
How long have you been doing what you do?: I first started vinyl siding when I was 17 and continued till about 21. This is when I learned a lot from the older guys I was working with. I lived in Boston at the time and they have a lot of 3 decker homes up there. I basically learned how to stage a house with ladders and scaffolding or pump jack staging. I also learned how to do siding, soffit and aluminum coverage. I was taught how to bend metal in a brake which has been very useful. Then I got another job roofing and framing until I moved to Florida at 24, this is when I started working for Done Rite Roofing. I have been doing the same job since.
How long have you been at Done Rite Roofing?: I have worked for Done Rite for 15 years. I started off running the tear off crew then once the Owners realized my potential and that I was good with wood they started me on the wood portion of the projects.
What are your hobbies?: My hobbies are music related. I have played the guitar since I was 10 years old and I have been in a bunch of bands growing up. I also learned how to play the drums from being in so may bands but the guitar is my main instrument. I own about 10 guitars and I mostly make up my own music and sometimes put it on social media. I would love to start my own band again as I am highly skilled in making sick riffs and would like to begin the right way this time. I also love Hockey. I have played all through my childhood and into my forties. I was 1st line, center so I was pretty good.
What do you like about working for Done Rite Roofing?: I like working for Done Rite because the Bosses are very nice and generous and they take care of you as long as you are a good and loyal worker they will help you with anything. They run a respectable company, they put their customers first and do they best they can for them. They will make sure they customer is satisfied at the end of every project and if they are not Jason makes sure to send out the proper person to handle what is needed to take care of the customers satisfaction. I don’t recommend roofing for everyone in the heat of the summers of Florida, but if you are one, I recommend Done Rite Roofing as they are a great company to work for.