Done Rite Wins 2016 Guildmaster Award

Done Rite Wins 2016 Guildmaster AwardWhat do customers really care about when they are dealing with a roofer, or any other type of contractor?

While craftsmanship is paramount—nobody’s going to be happy with a leaky roof—it’s also basic. We feel like any roofer who doesn’t know his or her craft should not be out there giving quotes to customers. So while we hold our skill in high esteem it’s not what we really value, nor is it really what we reward in our employees.

What we value, and what we reward, is service. We believe the way we treat our customers is the thing that sets us apart. We believe it’s really what customers care about. They’ll stop thinking about their roof in a week or two, as long as it works. They won’t forget how we made them feel.

This is why we are proud to be one of the 2016 Guild Quality Guildmaster Award Winners.

Every year, Guild Quality recognizes exemplary customer service for contractors in 7 categories: New Home Builders, Remodelers, New Home Builders/Remodelers, Replacement Contractors, Restoration Contractors, Specialty Contractors and Commercial Contractors. Done Rite is part of the Replacement Contractor category. We were one of five winners in the State of Florida. We were Florida’s only roofing contractor, which means if you live in the Tampa Metro Area you won’t find a company with a stronger endorsement.

With or without awards, however, we are committed to certain values.

  • We come to work prepared to act like a group of highly trained professionals.
  • We are courteous.
  • We show up on time.
  • We work extremely hard so we can stick to any timelines we commit to.
  • We stand by our quotes. We don’t blindside our customers with hidden fees or other shenanigans.
  • We’re honest. Our customers know we will never try to sell them a service they don’t need.
  • We’re friendly! We want customers to feel good about working with us.

Click here to learn more about the award. You can also read the full list of winners here.

You’ll note we could not win these awards without customer recommendations and votes. If you are one of our customers, then we’d like to thank you for your support.

If you’re not one of our customers yet then we hope this information will help you feel comfortable about calling us for a free, no-obligation quote on your current roofing needs. We’d like to introduce you to the Done Rite difference!

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