How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

RoofingCrewAtWorkA lot of our customers really hate the idea of getting a roofing estimate. The truth is they’re afraid that having a personalized estimate is opening the door, allowing someone to come in and “sell them.”

So they go crazy trying to figure out if they can afford a new roof (if insurance won’t be covering it) without actually calling anybody to find out.

We understand the impulse, so we’ll try to do the best we can for you in this blog post. However, the truth is we just really can’t give you anything more than vague generalizations without coming out to your house and taking a look. By the time you’re done reading this blog post you’ll see why.

There are 4 factors that really play into your full roofing quote.

The size of your home.

Obviously a 2,500 square foot home is going to be a bit more expensive to take care of than a 1,400 square foot home. A larger home requires more roofing materials and more time.

Your Roof’s Height and Pitch

A really steep roof is going to cost you more money. A steeper roof requires more safety equipment. It also means we’re going to have to move a lot slower for our own safety.

Shingle Type

Obviously you’re going to pay a bit more for a high-quality tile roof then you are for a cheap asphalt roof. You’ll pay the most for a metal roof. But you also get what you pay for. The higher-grade roofs last longer, hold up in our Tampa storms better, and do a better job of protecting your home overall.

Additional Work

Some roofing installations require additional work. If your roof supports have rotted, for example, then they’re going to need to be replaced before we can safely install a new roof. We’ll happily do the work, but it is going to be a factor.

We know that you’d like us to just “tell you how much it costs” already. But in the long run, that’s not really the best thing. We promise we’re not here to “sell” you anything at all. We’re here to educate you on your options. That’s why we put together individual, personalized, in-depth quotes that explain where all these costs are coming from. And it’s why, ultimately, you should just go ahead and call us before making any decisions about your roof one way or the other. You’ll never truly find the answers that you need on the internet.