How We Protect Your Home and Property During a Roofing Job

DirtyJobLet’s face it — roofing can be a dirty job. If we have to replace your roof, for example, we’ve got to start by pulling out all the old stuff to make way for the new. All that debris has to go somewhere.

And, of course, we’re working from an elevated position. There’s always a danger that debris will hit the ground beneath us. Some of that debris is relatively easy to spot–some less so (like nails).

Obviously, there are some dangers here, so we take steps to protect your home and property while we work.

When we first arrive we conduct a thorough analysis of your property. We note things like pools, ACs, and plants which must be protected, but cannot be moved. We ask homeowners in advance to move lawn ornaments or furniture…it’s best to keep this stuff well out of the work zone.

Next, we cover everything that can’t be moved with tarps or plywood. We also use plywood to cover up paver driveways.

We work with care in spite of these precautions. Taking the time to be considerate of your home is just a mark of professionalism in our opinion.

We clean everything up when we’re done, too, and we’re not just talking about big debris. We don’t want your kid or your dog to step on a roofing nail three months from now. We actually run a large magnet to be very sure we’ve gotten everything. We get all the roofing debris out of your gutters to protect your new roof. Then, and only then, is the job done. If you’re considering one of our competitors here in the Tampa metro area, ask them what their process is, and evaluate them to see whether they are as thorough.

You may be surprised by some of the answers you hear.