Is a Tile Roof an Environmentally Friendly Choice?

TileRoofEcoMany of our customers are very concerned about the environment. They want to make the “greenest” possible choice when it comes to choosing a roof. For example, some of our customers have asked us if we’d be willing to install a green roof for them, meaning a roof that has living plants growing out of it or off of it.

While we admit the concept of a green roof is pretty cool, we will also tell you that you don’t usually have to go as far as all that. After all, a living roof is essentially a second, high-maintenance lawn placed right on top of your house. There are other, simpler ways to be eco-friendly.

In fact, a plain, boring old tile roof happens to be an incredibly eco-friendly choice without any other bells or whistles.

Tile can be recycled.

Old tiles can be crushed and remixed to make new tiles. In fact, some of your roofing tiles may already be made out of recycled materials.

Even if they aren’t already recycled you can rest easy knowing your tiles can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Tiles Last Longer

Reducing consumption is a big part of protecting the environment. The long lifespan of a tile roof means you can go longer without replacing it. It’s the “reduce” waste and “reuse” materials aspect of the “reduce, reuse, recycle” equation.

Remember, some tile roofs last up to 100 years. There aren’t many roofing materials that can beat that kind of lifespan.

You don’t need a gimmick.

You need a roof that serves your home and keeps your family dry. Sometimes a roof can be incredibly “green” even if it isn’t marketed that way.

In fact, some roof types which seem like they might be eco-friendly aren’t. You might think a wood-shingled roof sounds very natural and renewable, for example. In reality, a wood roof will rot far faster than you think, outstripping nature’s ability to replace the materials. This is especially true in the Tampa Bay metro area. Our torrential rains will ruin a wood roof quickly.

Ready to install a new tile roof?

If you agree tile roofing emerges as a clear and responsible choice, give us a call. The folks at DOne Rite are ready to give you an in-depth estimate on a long-lasting, eco-friendly roof.