What kinds of gutters are best for a Florida roof?

What kinds of gutters are best for a Florida roof?

Even though we don’t install gutters ourselves, we do recognize them as a vital part of the system that sheds water from your home—a system that works closely with your roof to get the job done. And we cringe a little at some of the gutters we see around town: cheap, broken, clogged, sagging things that can’t effectively shed a single drop of water.

If your gutters are bad your roof is at risk. It’s pretty much that simple. If your gutter can’t send excess water away from your home, then the water can instead work its way under your shingles and into your home. So we definitely have some opinions on the matter.

First and foremost, the best gutters are well-maintained ones. The specific material doesn’t matter as much as you might think it does. What matters is that they’re working as they’re meant to.

This means they aren’t leaking. Their fasteners are keeping the gutters snug and flush on the side of the home. They aren’t sagging or broken anywhere. And they aren’t clogged, which means they’re getting the benefit of a spring and fall cleaning. If you can keep your gutters nice then you’ve won 90% of the battle when it comes to protecting your roof.

However, there is also a type of gutter that we do recommend whenever we’re asked. We would suggest installing seamless aluminum gutters on your home, especially if you’ve recently invested in a new roof.

Your average vinyl gutter system is cheaper. But vinyl and most other gutter materials are sold in 10 foot lengths. Every time those lengths join together you get a potential leak point.

Depending on how big your home is you could, in fact, be looking at a lot of potential leak points if you opt for segmented gutters.

However, seamless aluminum gutters are custom made for the home. Each gutter length is exactly as long as one side of your home. They do have join points at the corners, but the number of potential leak points has been vastly reduced. They’re also joined far more securely than your average vinyl gutter ever could be.

In addition, these gutters are a lot tougher, so they tend to last a lot longer. That’s less of a hassle for you.

When you own a home the responsibilities and decisions are never-ending, we know. But given the amount of rain we get here in the Tampa metro area, having good gutters is extremely important. Investing a little more in good gutters and good gutter maintenance today may mean that there are fewer repairs for us to tackle tomorrow!

Image credit:  Richard Martinez