Knowing When it’s Time for a new Roof

Knowing When it's Time for a new RoofEvery roof eventually reaches the end of its usefulness and when that happens you know it’s time for a roof replacement. It simply looks old and worn even though you’ve done years of preventive maintenance on your home. When this time comes, the last thing you want to do is delay replacing your roof. This could actually result in even bigger issues for your home.

Warning Signs That say It’s Time for a new Roof

As a homeowner you’ll want to watch for warning signs that will let you know it’s time for a roof replacement. These signs will tell you that the time for a roof replacement is quickly approaching so you can add the project to your home’s “to do” list. Some of the signs you’ll want to look for include:

Take a look at your shingles. They have several ways of warning you about an imminent roof replacement including their edges are curled or their tabs are cupped. Sometimes the evidence is even more pronounced in that the shingles themselves are actually cracked or there are bald spots where your roof is actually missing shingles.

Consider the age of the roof itself. While most roofs are built for durability today, there are many factors that can make your roof age faster. Even if your roof isn’t at least 20-years-old, you may need a new one if it’s improperly vented. This can negatively impact your roof, making it look old and worn out.
Pay attention to when your neighbors are getting new roofs put on their homes. It’s common for homes that are built around the same time to near the end of usefulness around the same time as well. After all, your roof is experiencing the same types of weather.

Speaking of weather, if your roof is located in a cool, moist climate that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, moss can easily start growing there. This is much more than simply a cosmetic issue because moss holds moisture against your roof’s surface. Over time, this can damage the granules that are on top of the shingles, especially if you’re in a climate that freezes often. While you can brush moss off of your roof, it will grow back and you could damage the surface of your shingles while doing this.

Dark streaks on your roof are a sign that airborne algae has landed there. While this probably won’t damage your shingles, it also doesn’t look good. Fortunately, these are easy to remove simply by spraying a 50:50 blend of water and bleach onto your roof. You have to be careful when doing this so that you don’t knock the protective granules off of your shingles and so that the bleach doesn’t come into contact with your landscaping because it could kill it.

When you see any of these signs and know that you need a roof replacement, give us a call at Done Rite Roofing. We know what to look for and can give you a free estimate of how much it will cost to fix your roof and how soon you’ll need to do so.