The One New Year’s Resolution That Can Save You Thousands

The One New Year’s Resolution That Can Save You Thousands

Every New Years most people make the same set of resolutions. They’re going to quit that bad habit, and finally lose some weight. Maybe they’ll be nicer to people, or at least write grandma more. Or maybe this is the year they’re finally going to get that dream career off the ground.

Most people are back to their old ways within one week.

However, here at Done Rite Roofing we’d like to present you with a resolution that is easy to follow and which doesn’t really require you to change your lifestyle. However, it has the potential to save you thousands of dollars.

Resolve to pay more attention to your home in 2017.

This means three things.

First, it means watching out for the subtle warning signs that your home is experiencing problems. A slow drain could mean a problem in your sewer line…get it checked out before you end up with an expensive sewage back-up in your home. A brown stain on your ceiling or curling shingles on your roof could mean you have major roof problems brewing…get them checked out before you must reach for the bucket.

Second, it means committing to the maintenance you can do yourself, such as cleaning your gutters to keep rain water from inching up under your shingles.

Third, it means committing to certain routine maintenance tasks that only a professional can do for you.

Getting your water heater checked. Getting your dryer vent cleaned. Getting routine roof inspections so that our infrared equipment can detect the subtle signs of trouble, so we can fix them when it’s still a $400 problem and not a $4,000 problem.

Ignoring problems in your home will not make them go away. Sticking your head in the sand only means dealing with a far more distressing, expensive problem later. Resolve to have a great 2017 that doesn’t involve being blindsided by major repairs.

You’ll have to schedule some of these tasks with other professionals, but you can schedule your roof inspection right here with the team at Done Rite Roofing. Why not get it done before January 30th, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your roof is ready to face the new year?

There’s no better time…remember, if you live in Tampa, Clearwater or anywhere else in our service area and it turns out you need a brand new roof, we might even be able to get you set up with a financing package that can make it affordable for you.