Owens Corning Adds Done Rite to the Board

Owens Corning Adds Done Rite to the BoardDone Rite Roofing is proud to announce that we’ve been granted a seat on the Owens Corning Platinum Contractor Advisory Board.

You might have heard of the Owens Corning Platinum Contractor awards already, but this is a bit more than a plaque or a certificate of excellence. Sitting on this board actually gives us an opportunity to participate in the decisions made and actions taken by the Owens Corning Company.

We’re going to be one of just 14 companies entrusted with this responsibility, and we’re the only contractor in Florida who was nominated to fill one of the seats. Our first meeting is this Thursday, in fact, and we couldn’t be more excited to attend and to meet the 13 other outstanding contractors who share in this honor with us.

Owens Corning produces roofing materials, insulation, and fiberglass composites. Over the years we’ve used Owens Corning products for their quality—quality we’ve passed on to the homeowners we serve. We’ve always felt confident in this company’s ethics, integrity, and concern for our shared customers.

Of course, we won’t just be making these decisions in a vacuum. We’ll be learning about the entire line of Owens Corning products and services, not just the ones we’ve used in the past. This will give us the information we need to offer suggestions on how these products can be improved and tested.

Most customers are not aware that roofing supply companies like Owens Corning actually certify roofing contractors. We’ve been fully certified Owens Corning providers for many years. The certification means the company trusts us to install and represent their products. After all—a poor installation guarantees a poor performance, which impacts the reputation of the company.

Obviously, being invited to weigh in on the company’s future is a giant step above certification and is a reflection of our commitment to top-notch service and care.

Some roofing companies win awards. Others are offered a seat at the table.

But we won’t let our heads get too big. We’re proud. We’re excited. We’re willing to tackle the new challenges head on.

But we’re not going to abandon the professionalism, workmanship, and expertise that got us here in the first place. So if you need help with your roof, call us for an estimate knowing that even multi-million dollar companies trust us to get the job done right.