Protecting Your Tampa, FL Roof from Hurricanes

Hurricane-RoofingWell, it’s nearly here–hurricane season. And just because Tampa’s been lucky for a couple of years doesn’t mean a big storm isn’t going to strike one of these days.

Your roof needs reinforcement, and it’s up to your roofing contractor to provide said reinforcement.

Of course, the State of Florida has some requirements when it comes to roofing. If it didn’t, there would be roofs ripping off all over the state come hurricane season. So all of our efforts start with Florida building codes. This means we always re-nail the existing roof decking with 2 1/2″ 8D rig shank nails with 6″ spacing. Re-nailing is actually the code requirement, but we do it in a way that maximizes your homeowner’s insurance discounts.

But we never just leave it at that. Here at Done Rite we believe in offering a little something extra.

Our next step is to re-attach the roof trusses to the exterior wall whenever we make a roof replacement. We then use storm straps or storm clips to add even more reinforcement to your roof. We choose the one that’s the absolute best match for your roof design.

This happens to be a home improvement which increases the value of your home a bit while entitling you to an even bigger discount on your insurance premium.

We work hard to make sure you get all of the discounts you’re entitled to as well. after the roof replacement is done we send out an inspector. This inspector performs a 4 page Florida Wind Mitigation inspection report, including photographs of all the major changes we’ve made. We send all of that on to your insurance company.

You typically see a 20-30% premium decrease, and you get a roof that’s as hurricane proof as it possibly can be.

Ready to experience peace of mind and a heavier wallet as we head into this year’s hurricane season? Call Done Rite for a free estimate today.