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Whether you’re new to Palm Harbor or have been living in the area for years, you’ve no doubt gotten accustomed to the volatile weather brought on during hurricane season. One of the smartest decisions you can make as a homeowner is to prepare for the season by choosing the trusted residential roofers at Done Rite to look after the top of your home. From repairs to installations and everything in between, Done Rite can ensure the year-round protection of your house and loved ones.

Preventative Maintenance

One of the most important steps you can take to ensure your Palm Harbor home withstands high winds and harsh weathering is to hire experienced technicians to perform routine preventative maintenance. Experienced residential roofers can regularly inspect the surface area for damage to prevent small problems from developing into larger problems.

At Done Rite, we use the latest technologies and techniques in the industry to ensure the best possible protection for your home. In fact, one of the best tools we have at our disposal is infrared thermal imaging, which allows our experts to detect even the most minor source of moisture or leaks.

Residential Repairs

Unfortunately, many homeowners will procrastinate when hiring residential roofers to perform repairs, and this ends up causing more extensive damage over time. To avoid more costly repairs in the future, call Done Rite as soon as you start noticing the common signs of structure damage:

  • Shingles or tiles breaking, curling, or falling off means your home is slowly being opened up to leaks. Always repair warped or missing tiles as soon as possible to avoid water infiltration.
  • Water damage and mold on your ceiling or walls means that a leak is already present in your Palm Harbor home. Anything from dark spots to warped wallpaper can indicate water damage, but mold is one of the most dangerous signs, as it can release dangerous toxins into the air that can harmfully affect those who breathe it in.
  • A sagging or warped structure is often a sign that water is collecting on your home, either because the gutters are not working properly or the structure lacks adequate support. When you neglect taking action, you run the risk of your surface collapsing because of the heavy weight of water collecting on it.

Sometimes these problems are the result of a rough storm, and other times they are the result of long-term wear and tear or even pest problems. Calling your trusted Palm Harbor residential roofers for routine inspections is the best way to catch the early warning signs and take action before the damage spreads.

Emergency Services

With Done Rite’s emergency response team, you don’t have to panic if harsh winds knock a tree into your structure. As scary as these emergencies can be, it can be even scarier to go through an emergency and be without assistance for days. Our technicians understand that emergencies happen, and some situations cannot wait for repairs. To better protect our Palm Harbor customers, we do our best to ensure that our residential roofers are always ready to head out to your home and help you with any emergency repairs needed.


Structural needs and aesthetic preferences differ among all customers, which is why Done Rite offers installation services for single and tile constructions. If you’re interested in remodeling your home or have accumulated damages beyond repair, our residential roofers can help you understand your options and get you ready to start construction.

  • Shingles are a less expensive short-term investment because they are lightweight and easy to install. However, they are less likely to stand up against bad weather and only have an average 20-year lifespan.
  • Tiles are more expensive upfront but have a 50-year average lifespan and are more durable. They are heavier, which means they require a stronger foundation, but they will withstand weather more effectively.

Your local Palm Harbor residential roofers are experienced in what is popular among homeowners in your neighborhood and can recommend the best material for your structure.

Rooftop Cleaning

It’s not always easy to maintain a clean roof, but it is important to make it a priority. As your structure accumulates dirt, bird droppings, mold buildup, and debris, the weight adds up and can compromise the integrity of your foundation. Regular cleanings are a great way to protect your home from unnecessary and costly repair jobs.

About Done Right Roofing

For more than 16 years, Done Rite Roofing has provided Palm Harbor and surrounding area homeowners with superior construction services. Our expert residential roofers pay attention to details and take extra care of your structure to ensure your happiness and your family’s safety.

Our reputation for excellence makes us one of the leading family-owned and operated construction companies in the area, so call us today at (727) 771-8747 to get started on enhancing your Palm Harbor home with superior roofing services.