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When you notice you need roof leak repair services, know you can count on Done Rite Roofing in Clearwater, Pinellas county, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Palm Harbor. We pride ourselves on getting the work done in a timely manner and correctly, so your life can go back to normal as quickly as possible.

At Done Rite, a roof leak repair is work we take seriously. Our professionals are experts in roofing and will take care of any project ensuring to deliver outstanding, long lasting results you can trust. Years of experience around Clearwater, Pinellas county, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Palm Harbor allow our staff to work with confidence on any type of residential or commercial style or material, such as flat, tile, or shingle.

For your safety, it is crucial you leave roof leak repairs to our contractors who have the expertise to perform professional work in Clearwater, Pinellas county, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Palm Harbor. Attempting DIY methods will hardly ever end up with long-term, lasting results, and you also risk hurting yourself. In fact, without proper knowledge and training, you could actually increase the damage on your home. Hiring a professional is the best option in order to avoid putting your health or your home at risk.

How to Spot a Leak?

When you suspect water is getting into your home, there are a few things you can do to stay a step ahead of needing roof leak repair services:

  • Inspect your shingles from the ground using binoculars to spot any missing or torn ones
  • Take a trip to your attic and look for small puddles or water dripping
  • Tour the house checking walls for dark, moist spots

When are Roof Leak Repair Services Necessary?

Any necessary roof leak repairs should be a priority; get in touch with our team of experts in Clearwater, Pinellas county, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Palm Harbor as soon as you notice a problem, or think you may need any repairs. Not fixing the issue immediately can become a source of costly repairs.

  • Leaks pose a threat to your home’s insulation, which can lower your energy efficiency
  • Water coming through your roof may get near wires or appliances, creating hazardous situations
  • Afterward, mold and mildew can spread around the house leading health dangers

Preventing Future Leaks

Regardless of how much care a home receives, leaks can happen anywhere, at any time. Unfortunately, there is not a 100% sure way to prevent them in the future; however, regular inspections and maintenance will reduce the threat of emergency situations. Not only will this save you time and stress of needing emergency roof leak repair services in Clearwater, Pinellas county, Tampa, St. Petersburg, or Palm Harbor, but it will save you money as well. Even small cracks in your shingles should be addressed as soon as possible since they can let moisture in and put the entire structure of your home at risk.

When you hire Done Rite professionals to take a look at your roof, you can rest assured that our experts will be able to detect even the smallest leaks. We are equipped with infrared imaging technology to allow us to detect any source of moisture in your home. Once we spot the leak, we can perform a quick and thorough roof leak repair at an affordable cost.

About Done Rite

At Done Rite, we make it a priority to offer our clients professional roof leak repair services that cannot be surpassed. The expert contractors we hire have all of the necessary experience to perform the best repairs around the Clearwater, Pinellas county, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Palm Harbor areas. The high quality of our roofing services has allowed us to serve residents of the Bay area for over 16 years.

Regardless of the type of roof leak repair services you need our licensed and insured contractors will be able to complete the job correctly and in a timely manner. We accept any roofing project, and we never contract out.

Our staff is available to answer any of your questions regarding our roof leak repair services; give us a call at (727) 771-8747 to receive a free quote.