TESLA Motors Is Making Solar Roofing Dreams Come True

The woTESLA Motors Is Making Solar Roofing Dreams Come Truerld was stunned when late last year, the company known for its innovative approach to technology.  Tesla announced that they would have a solar roofing solution that not only was highly efficient but would cost no more than a regular roofing job.

People around the world sat up with eyes agape not believing what they were seeing and hearing.  For decades, solar energy was highly expensive, with home homeowners spending quite a bit on price and other items.  Then, TESLA comes along and upends the apple cart.  They’re not only offering low cost and attractive solar paneling, but their solar paneling is highly efficient.  This makes for an investment that should pay for itself in just a short time instead of years.

Your roof is the biggest area of the structure thus calls for more maintenance and care.  In this case with TESLA’s new solar panels, the roof area becomes a far more valuable asset.  TESLA’s new solar panels look sleek and refined.  They were designed and engineered for the least visual impact but ultimate in collecting the Sun’s radiant beams.

It is expected that the TESLA panels will swoop through the industry to the point of overwhelming.  Homes and businesses and other structures throughout the land could find themselves enjoying the benefits of this remarkable technology.  No one had expected such a product so soon, thus Elon Musk, the owner of TESLA, is being heralded by just about everyone on the planet.

If he can keep installation costs down, we could find the landscape with TESLA roofing as common as mailboxes.

What does this all mean for the common man and society as a whole?

A lot!

It means a cost effective way to use renewable energy and becoming less dependent on corporations and fossil fuels.   It means a roofing solution that even modest homeowners can afford.  Businesses can see their overhead drop like a rock as energy costs shrink leaving more capital available for more enterprising pursuits.

The ability to generate power even during inclement weather with great batteries prevents the emergency situations that come with such events.

Most hospitals and municipality buildings use emergency generators.  That’s fine for backup but these buildings eat up enormous amounts of electricity adding to the costs of service which, unfortunately, are then shoved off onto the consumer.  With well placed solar panels these costs can be drastically cut.

Elon Musk can only achieve this via the marvelous technologies his people have created or acquired.  Solar power technologies are still being tweaked and nature is providing some valuable insight on how it utilizes sunlight.  These glimpses into the behind the scenes use of solar radiation in plants allow for researchers to try to duplicate the efficiency.  That’s still down the road, but not too far.

Solar roofing isn’t the only breakthrough though.  Word is that the new photovoltaic cells may be adapted to other materials such as paints and plastics making everyday items solar energy collectors and generators.

TESLA’s solar roofing is just the kind of breakthrough that mankind has been hoping for and taking care of what’s over your head is a great start.

Picture Credit: skeeze