Done Rite was great!

Done rite was great. Customer service was outstanding. Good communication throughout the process and anytime I had a question or concern, someone called me immediately. They did a very good job on the roof itself and were there when they said they were going to be there. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a new roof or roof repair.

Randy J.

Our roof was Done Rite

Roof was completely torn off, rotten wood (quite a lot) underneath replaced, installed Peel and Stick on entire roof, cleared wood of nails and simplexes, installed new LIFETIME GAF-ELK Dimensional Shingles, installed drip edge on all eaves and rakes, installed all lead boots over existing plumbing pipes, installed all galvanized roof vents, including ridge vent, installed 70' of shingle over ridge vent, installed 16" 26 galvanized flashing in all valleys, renailed decking to FBC, installed solar exterior fans. In order to replace some of the rotten wood, fascia had to be unnailed in some places and removed in others, then reattached. Tarps were put down surrounding the house to catch nails and debris. My house has a large footprint, so the tarps had to be moved from day to day. After the tarps were removed at the end of each day, someone ran a rake over all uncovered ground to expose nails, the someone else used a magnet to pick them up. Even so, I examined the yard each day and picked up ones that were missed. In talking to friends who also had roofs replaced, I learned that's normal. I would find nails caught in clumps of grass that were extremely hard to find and some that were so far in the sand they couldn't be easily seen either, so I'm not complaining. When the roof was taked off and exposed rotten wood, we could see that when the roof was replaced nearly 20 years ago, some rotten wood was not completely replaced, but had been nailed to other old pieces, so the previous roof was not properly done. Now it is.

Wima P.

Couldn’t Be Happier

As a new home owner in the area I was a little scared when shopping around to have this done. Lucky for my a buddy of mine knew Jason and sent him my way a few months ago. He showed up on time, gave me a good deal and walked me through the whole process. It was easy and got done quickly. I was pleased the whole way and Kim made all the phone calls and paper work a breeze.

Robert B.

There’s Not A Better Roofing Contractor

I have known the owner Jason Loiacano for a few years now and know that in Tampa there's not a better roofing contractor other than Done Rite Roofing. In palm harbor there's always that need for a roofing repair crew due to the weather, and done rite came by to my house 2 times already to fix my roof. They do the repair fast and using the best replacement shingles.

Edward F.