The Best Roofing Materials for Your Tampa, FL Business

CommercialRoofWe’ve already talked about the best roofing materials for your Tampa, FL home. But what if you own a business or a commercial building?

Obviously, commercial roofing is totally different from residential roofing. The buildings are different shapes and different sizes. The roofs are often flat, with no pitch at all, thanks to commercial building codes.

Obviously there are a myriad of commercial roofing types out there, all with their own advantages, disadvantages, and price point. However, there are two in particular that we recommend to business owners.

The first is modified bitumen roofing. This type of roof is made out of an asphalt, polymer blend. We lay down five layers of protection which are heat welded. The heat from the sun helps to strengthen this roof over time. It’s also given a white coating, which makes it UV resistant and energy efficient.

The second type is called a TPO roof, which stands for thermoplastic polyelfin. It’s basically a highly advanced, single ply protective membrane which also reflects heat and resists the type of damage we routinely see after storm days in central Florida. It’s very lightweight, so it puts less stress on your building, too.

Of course, at Done Rite we want to provide you with a “little something extra.” We’re not content to simply offer you great roofing materials. We want to offer you incredible peace of mind when it comes to your roofing, too.

So we want you to know that we’re certified Firestone Red Shield installers. Why does this matter to you?

Well first, Firestone Red Shield is a trusted, well known roofing materials manufacturer. In fact, they’ve been a trusted name in roofing for over 100 years, which should give you a few hints about the quality of the company and its product.

Second, they offer you an incredible warranty. You see, every Firestone Red Shield roof comes with a 20 years, non-prorated material, labor, and workmanship warranty. They call it an NDL warranty–a no dollar limit warranty. This means if something goes wrong with your roof during its normal lifespan it’s likely to be in-warranty and fixed at no cost to you.

Furthermore, whenever we install one of these roofs we have to call in a Firestone Red Shield agent to inspect our work so they can register the warranty. This means you get a third party who is going to come in and verify we’ve done a good job.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Need a new roof for your business? Contact Done Rite Roofing today. Our name is our promise.