It’s Time for Fall Roof Maintenance

It’s Time for Fall Roof Maintenance

Labor Day is over, and the team at Done Rite hopes you had a fantastic 3-day weekend.

But now, fall is officially here, and it is time to issue some reminders…especially since it’s going to be awhile before the threat of all of this nasty weather passes for good. Hurricane season is still a concern until November, after all. A sound roof will keep you warm, safe, and ready.

To ensure that you have a sound roof you’ll need to call several professionals, not just roofers.

Trim your trees.

If there are any branches hanging over your roof you’re going to want to get with an arborist to get them under control. Otherwise, they could snap off and fall on your roof the next time a storm blows through. Falling branches are a big source of roof damage, so you can save yourself a lot of money and headaches by getting this done.

Remember, unless you have a tile or a metal roof you’re going to want to pay close attention to those palm trees. As the fronds whisk back and forth across your roof they’re scrubbing granules away. Granules keep shingles functional—the more of them that you lose the less effective they are.

Get those gutters cleaned!

As mentioned last week, dirty gutters can cause water to work its way beneath your shingles, causing leaks.

Given Pinellas County is also dealing with the Zika virus right now you’re also going to want to get the gutters cleaned in order to get rid of standing water. There’ s no sense in creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes if you don’t have to.

Get a roof inspection.

Now is the time.

You can’t just glance at your roof while standing on the ground to determine whether or not there are problems. You need experts up there inspecting the shingles for damage and going over every inch with an infrared leak detector. This is especially important after storms.

Catch problems today, and they may only cost you a couple hundred dollars. Wait until frigid water is pouring into your living room on a chilly day in January and you may end up with a problem that costs thousands of dollars in addition to bringing you loads of discomfort.

We know. None of this stuff is any fun. But once you’ve gotten all this routine maintenance taken care of you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the rest of the fall knowing you’ve done everything in your power to protect your home.

Image credit: John Wolf