Top Things To Do In Clearwater, Florida

Top Things To Do In Clearwater, FloridaLocated on the west coast of Florida, half-way down the state, Clearwater, Florida is one of the most efficient run cities and full of vacation excitement.  You’ll find a variety of great activities to do and sights to see in Clearwater as well as lots of friendly people.  Let’s take a look at the top vacation spots in Clearwater, Florida.


First on our list is the famous Clearwater Beach.  It’s big. There are shops and bistros all over and the waters are warm, sometimes too warm but there are other things to do on this grand stretch of sand.


You’ve got boat tours too.  These tours take you all around the area and you can see sea life, go fishing or just take in the sun and breezes.  Don’t pass up on the Beach Walk either.  You can see just about everything worth seeing in Clearwater from the Beach Walk.  You can let those white sandy particles tickle your toes as you stroll along, go swimming, shop, or take in a bite or two.


Sand Key Park is a great spot to just relax and enjoy the beach, bistros, Top Things To Do In Clearwater, Floridashopping or just make new friends.  People remark on the tranquility of this spot, just the right place for seniors, romantics, and couples with kids that you don’t want to get too over excited.  Pier 60 is another goody.  There’s the beach and main structure on the pier.  You can shop, eat, use their telescopes to look out over the water or do some fishing right there and eat your catch at their restaurant.


There’s no way you can turn down a trip to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  It’s world famous and features a variety of sea life, tours, instructional classes and tons of photo opportunities.  The kids will love watching the hammy antics of the dolphins and other spotlighted regulars.  If sea life is appealing to you, then the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a must-see vacation and entertainment spot.


Have you ever used a Segway? Those two-wheeled motorized scooters that are trendy and fun.  There is an actual Segway Tours venue in Clearwater, Florida.  Ride along with your entourage as the tour guides teach you how to operate a Segway and enjoy the sights nearby.  If tasting fine wines is your thing, then you love the Aspirations Winery.  People who’ve visited make it a point to return whenever they get the chance.  A great educational experience and a cool place for the romantic set.


For the sporting set, there are water skiing and other water fun.  There are plenty of instructors and equipment you can rent or buy.  Once you get a taste of the sports adventure in Clearwater, Florida.  You can’t be too old for this and you’ll get a chance to get video of you showing off and enjoying the water.


There’s more to watching sea life than going to an aquarium, you can go on dolphin and whale watching tours!  Get up close to these magnificent mammals in the wild and get an education regarding them for a lot of full fantastic family fun.


Overall, you’ll not get bored in Clearwater, Florida.  There is so much to do and see that you’ll have to come back several times to see it all.

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