What’s the Best Roof for Solar Panels?

What’s the Best Roof for Solar Panels?

Many of our customers here in Clearwater are quite concerned about the environment. As a result, they’re looking at many eco-friendly options, such as solar panels.

Thus, we get a lot of questions about how those panels will interact with the roofs we install. We thought we’d take a moment to share our thoughts on the matter.

Asphalt and Metal Roofs Are Easiest for Installers

Though it is absolutely possible to put solar panels on a tile roof it’s definitely not the easiest type of roof for solar companies to work with. Some solar companies may charge you more as a result. If you’ve already put a tile roof on your house the extra expense is probably worth it—tile roofs have plenty of benefits, and you don’t want to tear off something that’s going to last up to 50 years just to make it easier to put some solar panels on.

But if you’re considering a roof replacement and you’re thinking about solar panels then asphalt or metal will at least make them happier. As a result, they may charge you a little bit less.

If you want the greenest possible roof you’ll go metal, which lasts for 100 years and which tends to be very energy efficient in its own right.

Install Solar Panels Shortly After the Roof Is Installed

It makes no sense to install solar panels on a roof that is just going to have to be replaced in three years. It makes perfect sense to install them on a brand new roof. You want to get them up there and leave them alone for quite some time, after all.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sun

Before you even worry about the type of roof you should use you should be evaluating the amount of sunlight your roof gets. If your roof gets a lot of shade or doesn’t get sunlight continuously then you should probably think about free standing back yard solar panels instead. Roof mounts aren’t always the best option, even though they’re probably preferable from the standpoint of preserving the square footage of your enjoyable landscape space.

Finally, Don’t Worry!

Solar panels won’t harm your roof in any way. We’d never tell you that you shouldn’t get them. However, if your roof is not brand new we would at least recommend getting a roof inspection before you call your solar guys out to your house. That way, you can address any issues which might be lurking before you install something which may get in the way of future repairs.

Image credit: Diyana Dimitrova