Why You Need a Face-to-Face Meeting with Your Roofing Contractor

NewConstructionSometimes when customers call us they don’t really want to meet with us. They’d rather we just leave the estimate on their porch, or e-mail it. Anything other than gathering both spouses together into a room and going over the roofing estimate.

They’re afraid of being sold, and we can definitely understand that. Unfortunately, this is not a good idea, even if you’re dealing with the very best, most honest roofing contractor in all the world. It’s an especially bad idea if you’re going to take the advice which says you should get three quotes from various contractors, then choose.


Because chances are, you really know absolutely nothing about roofing. Oh, you may have read our blog and thus picked up a few tidbits here and there, but a quote–our quotes, anyway–is an in-depth report. Are you really going to take the whole report at face value without asking some questions? Are you going to commit to attempting to understand enough to say, conduct internet research on each and every term you don’t understand?

Probably not. If you don’t have a professional on hand chances are your head is going to explode. Then you’re going to shove the quote with all the others, and end up choosing on price.

Our pros aren’t there to sell you–we get enough work by doing a great job for each and every one of our clients. We trust if you’re the right clients for us and we’re the right roofers for you then we’re probably going to get the work. In the meantime, we’re staying busy with dozens of other jobs.

Our people are there to answer your questions, no more, no less. To go over the quote with you line-by-line if necessary. And we want every decision maker to be present because your spouse will think of questions you won’t.

In fact, you should be very suspicious of any company who is perfectly willing–or even prefers–to just fax you the quote, e-mail it, stick it on the porch, throw it in the mailbox, or whatever. They don’t want to answer questions. They don’t want you scrutinizing anything they’re saying very closely. And that is bad news.